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What Is Digital Radio?

Digital radio is a popular addition to the radio landscape that offers more targeted advertising opportunities for companies who want to reach a specific audience. For businesses and brands seeking to diversify their marketing strategies, digital radio advertising can be a valuable and powerful addition to the marketing mix.

Streaming digital radio is available through services like Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Spotify. These streaming services are quickly gaining popularity, because they give listeners the ability to customize their listening experience. You can build your own playlist track-by-track on Spotify. Pandora builds custom stations based on your favorites, and tracks songs you like and dislike to further customize it as you listen.

What is OTT Advertising?

OTT allows marketers and brands to directly reach viewers over the internet through streaming video services or devices such as smartphones, laptops, and connected TV (CTV) devices.  The term “over-the-top” comes from the ability for viewers to bypass traditional TV providers such as Xfinity and DirecTV that control media distribution, thus giving advertisers the ability to reach their audiences directly.

This level of video advertising has presented incredible opportunities for brands in the sense that they no longer have to execute pre-planned broad media buys.  No more expensive broadcast tv advertising or an esoteric world around tv broadcast advertising that few SMB’s can play in.  Instead, brands and advertisers can go direct to OTT Platforms and Media Companies, and buy OTT inventory space programmatically while coupling it with audience data to reach the ideal market.


Billboard Marketing

Expand your marketing mix and grow your business with digital billboard space anytime, anywhere, on any budget. Over 1,600 locations and counting.

Billboards set you apart from the competition by building credibility and brand recognition. Billboards serve as an important top-of-funnel channel that increases the effectiveness of your other marketing channels

What is influencer marketing?

Both influencer and affiliate marketing utilize those in a position of ‘power’, usually social media influencers or industry experts etc. This is to assist you in marketing a product or service to their audience. It’s become more and more popular in recent years, through sites like Instagram and YouTube, where companies will enlist a well-known influencer, to promote their products or services on their social pages or affiliate websites. These collaborations can involve giving away unique discount codes, sponsored blog posts or prize draws etc. for the influencer’s audience, to build some buzz around your brand and business. At Advertise Now Media we have access to hundreds of celebrities to promote and market your business .

What is Web Development?

At their core, keywords are one of — if not the most — single important component of a successful SEO campaign. Keywords refer to the words typed into a search box – be it on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. However, there is much more to keywords than just that.

The keywords typed into a search box reveal certain details about customers and how they go about searching for things. Knowing this, it’s important to target keywords that mimic your customer’s minds and search tendencies.

What is PCC Advertising?

PPC, or Pay-per-click, is a form of advertising on search engines, like Google and Bing. It’s a way of moving to the top of search engine results pages by paid means. It’s called PPC because your ad account is charged every time one of your adverts is clicked. The cost of each ad, or CPC (cost per click), depends on the quality score of your website and the selected keyword’s competition. PPC campaigns can be a short-term solution, and many use it to shift products or seasonal deals, as a way to boost revenue. There are around 4 spots for Ads on Google, so getting your website in the for a selected keyword can be challenging. SEO work is about your ranking being ‘earned’, but PPC your ranking on the first page is bought.

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